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SmartFireBlock Ltd is a company that manufactures Passive fire protection (PFP) products. Our business philosophy is to become a strategic and well-organized company that will provide novel technology products and eco-technological solution for the market.

We manufacture next generation fire protection materials and ready-to-use solutions for the construction and automotive/public transportation industry.

We offer palette of 10+ passive fire protection products based on a unique formula. Extreme performance confirmed in field conditions. Our products are plug-and-play, extremely easy to install, premium passive performance (no maintenance needed), eco-friendly, time-efficient (easy installation), 1-stop-shop = modular and complementary products with competitive prices.

So far we have an excellent feedback from the field – deployment in high-rise buildings. We are continuing our research efforts in order to comply with the goals for sustainable development, environmental protection and green economy.


Innovative technology for bio-based plasticizer production used in intumescent formula


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